Sniply Review: Best link shortener lifetime deal 2023


In this Sniply review, I’m going to discuss one of the powerful as well as versatile link shortener tool. Do you want to share your content or valuable posts with your audience? Are you worn out from producing content for your company to draw clients? Are you seeking a prominent tool to share your content and engage potential audiences? If you are, then Sniply is here to help you.

Sharing material with your audience is great—until you discover that every link is costing potential customers. Sniply is a sophisticated link shortener that allows users to add CTAs to website pages containing information from other websites. This gives you the opportunity to add CTAs to each link you publish.

In this article, I’m going to explore every fact about this powerful Link shortener software. I’ll highlight all the key features, pricing, plans, and lifetime deal opportunity. So, stay with me and continue reading if you are searching for such a kind tool.

Sniply Review: What is Sniply?

Sniply is a robust link shortener software that lets you shorten your URL links as well as add CTA to any webpage. With the help of this website, you can place advertising on any website or web page. To make your ad stand out, you may completely customize each CTA by changing the graphics, text, icons, as well as form fields.

It is not only a link shortener tool but provides many more essential features and functionalities. You can manage all the shortened links, as well as analyze the links with this prominent tool. You may do an A/B test on any CTAs to identify the color as well as copy combination that generates the most conversions and clicks.

This tool has completely changed the landscape of internet marketing. To retarget consumers with advertisements that draw them into your sales funnel, it may be combined with Facebook, Twitter, and also Google Ads. Retargeting pixels are added to the content and links, making it possible for you to increase the number of visitors who become paying clients.

Sniply Review: Key Features

Sniply has several advanced as well as compelling features. These features make it more than a link shortener solution. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this tool.

Link Management

The link management solution from Sniply is more than simply tracking software for URL shorteners. It is a fully functional URL management tool that gives you more control over your links, customization options, and the capacity to test and interact with your subscribers.

Sniply Review

With the help of Sniply’s user-friendly dashboard, you can quickly assess the effectiveness of the many links you post across various platforms. These link management solutions track the usage of any links you post on any platform. You can monitor all of your link metrics with this software, including conversion rates, hyperlink clicks, and much more.

Link Analytics

By checking your dashboard on this link shorter, you can observe which links generated interest in the brand and visitors to your site, as well as which snips did not. Sniply Analytics maintains track of all the clicks as well as conversions achieved from that link.


This dashboard is beneficial for those new to marketing via social media. You may evaluate the success of your advertising and modify your marketing strategy as necessary. Add a call to action widget that takes users back to the webpage they were just on to retarget individuals who have engaged on your links instantly.

Custom URL Shortener

Using shortened URLs might help spread the reach of the equipment you provide. This is helpful if you are working under a personal constraint or need to keep things looking beautiful. With the use of Sniply’s URL shortener, users may create and share radically altered URLs.

Moreover, it gives you the ability to include a label for your sources of inspiration in any written work, blog post, or web page you share. This gives you the ability to access transactions on your site’s back end.

Publishing Tools

Sniply does more than simply shorten URLs. You will get access to a plethora of data when you utilize this tool to produce and distribute online content. This will allow you to determine what the audience understands when they tap the hyperlinks and actively nudge them to return to your website.

Highly Flexible Tool

Sniply does more than simply shorten URL Links. Your brand’s aesthetic may be included in each of your unique link shortener software calls to action. For each of the shortened link CTAs, customize the color, design, positioning, domain, as well as the custom short link.


Use these capabilities of the custom URL link shortener to organize CTAs by project, and do A/B testing on various campaigns. You can also develop new CTAs to compare or modify your CTAs to reflect the aesthetic of your business using this link shortener tool.

Transformation Improvement

When a call to action window is enlarged into a connection as well as a client selects the connection, transformations occur. This is particularly obvious when the customer opts in by providing their email information. Sniply’s checked modifications follow customers through the purchasing process to confirm that they really accomplished a goal. As a result, you may plan the most precise and practical selections for the transformation progress.


  • It is more than a URL link shorter software
  • It’ll help you manage all the links easily
  • You can analyze your links with this tool
  • It comes with a lot of advanced features


  • It’ll cost you a lot in terms of long-term use

Sniply Review: Sniply Pricing and Plans

Now it is time to talk about Sniply pricing and plans. Sniply URL shortener tool has multiple plans with different pricing, including a free plan. This software offers both monthly as well as annual billing options. Let’s take a look at the pricing of this powerful link-shortening tool.


Plans Click/Month Links/Month Brand Profiles Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Free Plan 500 20 1 0 0
Basic Plan 5000 1000 2 $29 $300
Pro Plan 20000 5000 6 $79 $792
Business Plan 50000 10000 10 $149 $1,500
Agency Plan 250000 500000 15 $299 $3,000

Sniply Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Although these tools seem cheap at first glance, you have to pay a hefty amount for long-term use. Fortunately, AppSumo offers a lifetime deal for this tool to purchase. Sniply is available at Appsumo for a lifetime license for $69 to $209. No further fees will be charged. You will get 3 different pricing and plan for this tool at AppSumo.


License Tier 1

  • Clicks/Month: 20000
  • Links/Month: Unlimited
  • Brand Profile: 10
  • Team Members: 5
  • Pricing: $69

License Tier 2

  • Clicks/Month: 30000
  • Links/Month: Unlimited
  • Brand Profile: 20
  • Team Members: 10
  • Pricing: $139

License Tier 3

  • Clicks/Month: 60000
  • Links/Month: Unlimited
  • Brand Profile: 30
  • Team Members: 15
  • Pricing: $209

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The FAQs

What is the best link shortener?

Sniply is one of the most powerful as well as versatile link shortener tools. This tool has several advanced features that make it more than a link shortener solution. With this tool, you can manage the link, analyze the links, and can Add CTA to web pages. Overall, it is one of the best link shortener solutions.

What is Sniply used for?

With the help of the straightforward tool Sniply, you can shorten links and add your own personalized message to any content, giving you the chance to incorporate a call to action with each link you publish.

Is Sniply Free to Use?

This tool comes with several pricing and plans. Fortunately, it has a free plan that is totally free to use. However, the free plan has some limitations in features. So, you must subscribe to the premium plan to access all the features.

Wrap Up

Sniply is revolutionizing the field of internet marketing. Surprisingly, you can add your own CTA button to other people’s work. But monthly payments for any instrument might get tiresome. If you can utilize products and services for the rest of your life for only one payment, you will be able to save a lot of money. So, if you decide to use this tool for the long term, you should go for the AppSumo lifetime deal that is available from $69 to $209.

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