Flat Lay Clothing Photography Kit: Best Kits to take Products Photo in 2023

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Kit

Are you willing to know about clothing photography kit that you will need for flat lay clothing photography? Flat clothing photography is an essential part of the fashion industry. It allows designers and brands to showcase their clothing and accessories visually appealingly. However, achieving a perfect flat clothing shot requires the right equipment and set-up.

In this article, we’ll explore the essential components of a flat clothing photography kit and how to use them to capture stunning images. So, continue reading this article, get the best flat lay clothing photography kit and capture impressive clothing images.

What is Flat Lay Clothing Photography

Flat lay clothing photography is a type of fashion photography where clothing and accessories are photographed from a flat overhead angle. The garments are arranged on a flat surface, such as a table or floor, and photographed from above to create a visually appealing image. This type of photography is commonly used by fashion designers, bloggers, and retailers to showcase clothing and accessories in an artistic and informative way.

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Kit

A flat lay clothing photograph can capture a clothing item’s unique features and style by carefully arranging the garments and using complementary props, such as jewelry or shoes. This type of photography is often used in social media and e-commerce to provide consumers with a better understanding of how a garment looks and fits, which can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Kit

Let’s explore all the essential flat lay Clothing Photography Kit you need to photograph flat lay clothing.


The camera is, of course, the most important component of a flat clothing photography kit. A high-quality camera with a fast shutter speed is necessary for capturing sharp and clear images. A DSLR or mirrorless camera is recommended for this type of photography. A good smartphone camera with manual settings can also work if you’re working on a budget.


Using a tripod is crucial for getting a steady shot when shooting flat clothing. A sturdy tripod will keep the camera in the same position throughout the shoot and help eliminate any camera shake. Additionally, using a tripod allows you to keep the camera level and maintain consistency in your shots.


Proper lighting is key to creating a beautiful and well-lit flat clothing shot. Soft and diffused lighting is recommended for this type of photography. A set of studio lights with softboxes or diffusers can create the perfect lighting environment. Make sure the lights are positioned to eliminate harsh shadows and evenly illuminate the clothing.


The backdrop is another important element of a flat clothing photography kit. A plain and neutral-colored background is recommended for this type of photography. A white or light-colored backdrop is often used as it provides a clean and simple look that won’t compete with the clothing. A vinyl or paper backdrop is ideal as it is easy to clean and won’t wrinkle or fold.

Table or Surface

When shooting flat clothing, it’s important to have a flat and even surfaces to work on. A table or surface with a smooth and non-reflective surface is ideal. A large piece of foam board or a tabletop made of non-reflective material is recommended. This will allow you to easily position and style the clothing without any distractions or unwanted reflections.

Clamps or Weights

Clamps or weights are necessary to hold the clothing in place during the shoot. Small clamps or clips can be used to secure the clothing to the table or surface. Alternatively, weights can be placed on the clothing to keep it flat and prevent it from moving around. Be sure to use small and discreet clamps to avoid any unwanted marks or creases on the clothing.

Styling Accessories

Styling accessories are essential for creating a visually appealing flat clothing shot. A set of styling tools such as pins, clips, and tape can be used to position and style the clothing. A steamer can also be used to remove any wrinkles or creases on the clothing. It’s essential to be careful when using styling tools to avoid damaging the clothing.

Wrap Up

A well-equipped Flat clothing photography kit is essential for capturing stunning images that showcase the beauty of clothing and accessories. With the right camera, tripod, lighting, backdrop, table, clamps or weights, and styling accessories, you can create visually appealing images that will impress your clients and customers. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a fashion enthusiast, a flat clothing photography kit is a must-have tool for creating beautiful, striking images.

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