Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins For Donations in 2023

Best WordPress Plugins For Donations

Are you searching for the Best WordPress plugins for Donations to use to receive donations from clients on your website? Donation is one of the utmost sources of income for non-profit as well as charity organizations. They’re also popular among developers, political groups, schools, and others trying to collect funds for a worthwhile purpose.

You can receive donations from your website visitors or as well as your clients. In this case, a WordPress donation plugin can help you receive donations from site visitors and clients. By using a donation plugin, you can create a form for assistance and place a donation button on your web pages.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 Best WordPress Donation Plugins. These 5 donation plugins for WordPress come with several user-friendly features and functions. They will let users place the donation button easily and collect donations from the site. Learn the best WordPress Donation Plugins by reading this article.

Why you should use Donation Plugin

When accepting contributions via your website, you must be able to handle the money that is received. It is preferable if the contribution “checkout” procedure may be completed without customers needing to take any more action. Furthermore, customers can determine how much money to give and send the money to them.

In this case, a donation plugin can help you receive a donation with excellent management. It gives you the flexibility to collect donations through your website. If you are looking for a donation plugin, read these top 5 best donation plugin reviews.

5 Best WordPress plugins for donations in 2023

A common denominator runs across all of these plugins: they allow you to accept contributions through your website. There are a variety of options available, but each one has its own advantages. Plugins for WordPress contributions are listed below, and we’ll discuss what distinguishes each one special in the following parts.

GiveWP Donation Plugin

WordPress plugins for donations

GiveWP is one of the most popular as well as prominent donation plugins for WordPress Websites. So far, this plugin has been installed on more than 100,000+ WordPress-powered sites worldwide. This plugin makes it easy to receive donations from your customers or site visitors. Although this plugin has a free plan, you should switch pro plan to access all the functions.

It is a versatile tool, so you can use this donation plugin for different purposes. GiveWP also includes a user-friendly interface, allowing you to raise donations online, especially if you have no previous fundraising expertise. In terms of professional fundraisers, it’s a good choice because of its unique characteristics.

One of the amazing features of this plugin is that it offers a customizable form to receive donations. You may use this functionality to develop attractive forms that will provide donors with the most excellent possible user experience. The management end of this plugin gives the user complete control. It also offers a lot of payment gateway through which you can receive donations.


  • It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface
  • It offers a lot of exclusive features and functions
  • This plugin has both a free as well as premium plan


  • The pro plan of this tool is relatively expensive.


Yith donations for WooCommerce

Yith donations are one of the Best WordPress Donation Plugins for the WooCommerce website. In addition to the WooCommerce site, you can also use this plugin for other kinds of websites. Yith donations for WooCommerce let you add a donation button in any web page and anywhere on the page. You can easily receive donations from your WooCommerce website by using this plugin.

This donation plugin comes with a widget that you may customize to integrate the contribution form on your website. This donation plugin also includes a lovely email template that customers may get when they donate. You may pick between the standard email template and also the one included with the plugin when it comes to email templates.

This tool also helps you determine the minimum and maximum donation amounts. Furthermore, you may enable customers to donate by choosing from several payment options that are suitable for them. While making a contribution, you may allow consumers to choose from various payment alternatives that are most convenient for them.


  • The best donation plugin for WooCommerce websites.
  • Different settings may manage multiple contributions.
  • It enables you to place a donation button on various pages.


  • All the functions are not available with the free version.


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Seamless Donations Plugin

WordPress plugins for donations

This is another best and most flexible WordPress plugins for donations. This donation plugin allows the user to create contributions in someone’s honor or memory. Seamless Donations Plugin lets you create amazing donation forms. This customizable donation form enables the user to set a custom donation amount.

One of the fantastic features of this plugin is that it allows the donor to donate a custom amount of donations that they want. This WordPress plugins for donations enables payments through PayPal as well as Stripe. It also allows you to customize the thank-you phrase that is delivered to donators. The form settings page also lets you activate and disable various fields as well as checkboxes.

Select options like recurring donations, corporate gift matching, as well as anonymous contributions are all available here. This plugin is straightforward to use; all you need is to place the shortcode on your destination page, where you want to display the donation button. Seamless Donations is an attractive option if you need to add a contribution button to your website.


  • Customizable donation for the user as well as the visitor.
  • It includes a lot of features and functionalities.
  • Both free, as well as the premium version are available.


  • This plugin support only two payment gateways


PayPal Donations

Are you searching for a free yet powerful donation plugin for your WordPress site to receive donations? There is no way to go rather than PayPal Donations. It is a free yet preeminent plugin that efficiently lets you receive donations from your client. Although it also has a premium version, the free version is good enough for any website.

This flexible plugin enables users to incorporate a PayPal donation button on their website with a single click. Donors may use the Payment gateway or even a PayPal credit card to contribute money by simply clicking the “send” option on the website. You can establish a PayPal Sandbox profile using PayPal Donation. Before publishing your fundraising campaign page to the whole public.

This plugin is available in 18 different languages and 25 different currencies. It will enable you to receive contributions from individuals and organizations all around the globe. This donation plugin is compatible with the most popular WordPress theme as well as plugins. PayPal Donation makes everything easy to use and grows nicely with the company.


  • There are no additional costs associated with this plugin
  • This plugin is simple to install as well as operate
  • You can deposit the fund into the local account


  • No other payment gateway is available without Paypal.


Charitable Plugin for Donations

Are you seeking an easy-to-use donation plugin for your WordPress Website? If you are so, then Charitable is one of the best WordPress plugins for donations solution for you. It is a user-friendly, simple-to-use donation plugin that easily allows you to receive donations from your website. This is a kind of contribution plugin for non-profits searching for cost-friendly fundraising solutions.

It enables you to establish an infinite number of fundraising campaigns as well as set fundraising objectives for your organization. This fantastic WordPress donation plugin allows you to place the donation button on any page. You can also create a fabulous donation form using this plugin. You can select a set gift amount, add a custom donation amount, or do both.

You can make a fixed donation amount, a personalized donation amount, or a combination of the two options. You may place the contribution form on any of the website’s pages, articles, sidebars, or dynamic popups. While this WordPress donation plugin has exclusive features, you should go for the premium plan to access all of them.


  • Professional looking fully responsive donation plugin
  • It allows creation of eye-catching forms for donation
  • You can set up Fundraising Campaigns without any limit


  • The extra add-ons of this plugin cost a lot of money.


Final Thought

If you want to receive donations from your website visitors or clients, then a donations plugin can help you. The donation plugin is such a kind of tool that allows you to create a fantastic donation form and place a donation button on the web page. Some donation plugins will allow you to collect donations from the WooCommerce website by setting a donation button on the product page. Several donation plugins like GiveWP let you collect donations through different payment gateways. If you are looking for the Best WordPress Donation Plugins, the above 5 can help you.

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