Trio Office Review: Best Versatile Docs and Sheets Software 2023

Trio Office Review

In this Trio Office Review, I’m going to explore one of the best and most versatile Software like Microsoft Office named “TRIO OFFICE.” YES! It is a powerful and versatile software for free that you can use as an alternative to Microsoft Office Software.

This software comes with several powerful tools and also has several helpful features. This software has included tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. So, if you are looking for Microsoft Office-like software, this review is going to be helpful for you.

Trio Office review: What is Trio Office?

Trio Office is a versatile and powerful Docs and Sheets Software that is also a powerful Microsoft Office Alternative. It is open-source software that anyone can use. It comes with several handy tools to write documents, keep calculations, draw drawings, make presentations and much more.

This Software is available at Microsoft App Store, and anyone can download and install this software for free. If you are looking for a free but powerful MS Office Software alternative, it will be very handy for you.

Trio Office review: Included Tools

It is a powerful software that comes with different added tools and offers several functionalities. Let’s explore all this software’s added tools and how they will benefit you.

Document Writer

If you are looking for free software like Microsoft Word, this tool can be convenient for you. Trio Office comes with a tool named “Writer Document,” which is much like Microsoft Word Tool. Writer Document offers almost the same features and functions as Microsoft Word.

Trio Office Review

It lets you add different headings from H1 to H4, as well as there are several popular fonts available. You can also change the color of the word/sentence as well. You can also add tables, media, charts, and shapes to the document. In fact, everything is much like Microsoft Word and also easy to use.

Calc Spreadsheet

Trio Office also comes with a Microsoft Excel-like tool named “Calc Spreadsheet.” The features and functionalities of this Calc Spreadsheet tool are much like Microsoft Excel. This tool lets you do everything that you can do on Excel.

Trio Office Review

Calc Spreadsheet can make your daily calculations easier. You can do any calculation with it very easily. Moreover, you can also create different types of charts through it. Overall, it is a flexible tool that you can use instead of Microsoft Excel Software.

Impress Presentation

Impress Presentation is one of the most impressive features of Trio Office Software. Now you can create professional quality presentations for any purpose with this software’s Impress Presentation tool. It comes with the same features and functions as Microsoft PowerPoint Software.

Trio Office Review

Impress Presentation is a versatile and flexible tool that lets you create stunning presentations easily. With this tool, you can create any presentation using highly rich media. You can add different text styles, media, images and charts, as well as objects to the presentation.

Draw Drawing

Trio Office also comes with an impressive drawing tool called “Draw Drawing.” With this tool, you can draw different drawings easily. It offers different shapes, emojis, Flowcharts, and callouts through which you can do basic drawing.

Trio Office Review

Draw Drawing also lets you add rich media like images, audio, and video to your drawing, making a simple drawing more impressive. Although it is not a powerful drawing tool, you can still do basic drawing with this tool.

Math Formula

Math Formula is the last tool of the Trio Office Software. Math formula is a convenient tool for teachers who are going to give an examination for students. This convenient tool allows you to set different mathematical formulas and sort a question pattern easily.

Trio Office Review

This tool gives much more versatility to set different mathematical formulas from entry-level to expert courses. You can add unary/binary operators, set operators as well as relations to the formula. It also lets you add different mathematical functions as well as operators to the formula.

Trio Office Review: Key Features

Let’s explore some of the key features of this powerful and versatile Docs and Sheet software that you can use to write documents, make presentations, and mathematical formulas as well as can do everything that can be done on Excel.

Free To Use

The first and foremost feature of Trio Office is that it is free to use. YES! You can use this software for free and is available on the Microsoft store to download and install. However, it also comes with a paid version that let you access all the advanced tools and functions of this software.

Easy to Download and Install

This software is super easy to download and install. It is available at Microsoft App Store; anyone can download and install this software. To Trio Office Download and install, go to the MS store, find this software, and then click on the INSTALL button or follow the step-by-step guide below.

Easy To Use

Trio Office is super easy to use, and each and every tool and function inside this software is easy to access. Everything is much like Office 365 software; everything is in one place. Moreover, all the features of this software are super easy to understand for a beginner.

Versatile Software

Trio Office is a versatile software that comes with a lot of tools and functionalities. You will get Document Writer to write documents, Calc Spreadsheet to keep calculations, Impress Presentation to make excellent presentations, as well as Draw Drawing and Math Formula tools for drawing and making mathematical formulas.

Compatible with MS Office

Another impressive feature of Trio Office software is that it is compatible with Microsoft Office. YSE! You can open different Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel, and Presentation files to this software and edit those files. You can also access PDF files with this versatile software.

Trio Office Download and Install Process

Trio Office software is available on the Microsoft Store, and any user can download and install Trio Office software from the Microsoft Store. So, are you willing to know about the Trio Office download and installation Procedure? Let’s explore it.

Step-01: Open Microsoft Store

To download and install Trio Office, you must first open the Microsoft App Store. You must have a Microsoft account to download and install any software from the Microsoft Store. So, if you already have a Microsoft account, then it is great. And if you have no account, then you should create one!

Trio Office Review

Step-02: Search TRIO OFFICE

After opening the Microsoft Apps Store, you now have to enter TRIO OFFICE in the search bar and then search this term. After clicking the search button, this software will be shown at the top.

Trio Office review

Step-03: Click on INSTALL

Now all you have to do is click on the INSTALL button. The installation process will start as soon as you click on the button and will take several minutes to complete. So, be patient and wait until the installation is complete.

Trio Office Review

Step-04: Get access to the Software

You will find the OPEN button as soon as the installation process is done. So, click on this OPEN button, get access to the software, and enjoy.

Trio Office Review

Trio Office review: Pricing and Plans

Trio office comes with both free and paid plans. Anyone can download and install this software from the Microsoft store and use it for free. However, with the free version, users cannot print documents, insert pictures, insert shapes & tables, Templates and much more.

However, if you want to access these features, you have to subscribe to the paid plan. This handy software comes with two paid plans; YEARLY and LIFE-TIME plans. The yearly plan of this software will cost you $7.99 per year, and the LIFE-TIME plan will cost you $19.99 for lifetime.

Trio Office review

Premium Plans of this versatile software comes with several advanced features. Premium Plans Feature includes:

  • Print Document
  • Insert Pictures, Shapes and Tables
  • Use pre-made templates
  • Export files in different formats
  • 24/7 exclusive support

Is trio office a Microsoft product

NO! Trio Office is not a Microsoft product. This software has been developed by the GT OFFICE PDF STUDIO developer team. However, this software is available at the Microsoft store, and any user can download and install this software for free.

Trio Office review: Is trio office free to use?

YES! It is a free-to-use software that you can use without paying any cost. However, the free version has some limitations on the features. So, if you want to get access to more advanced features of this software, you should subscribe to the paid plans.

Wrap Up

According to this Trio Office review, it is a powerful and handy software that you can use instead of Microsoft Office. This software gives you all the facilities like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is also free to use as well as super easy to download and install. So, if you are looking for a powerful and versatile Microsoft Office Alternative, this one will be the best way to go through it.

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