CatchApp Bookings Review: Best Appointments scheduling tool

CatchApp Bookings

Are You seeking a versatile and effective tool for scheduling your appointments or meetings? CatchApp Booking is an excellent software that will simplify your appointment scheduling. While managing the timetable of the important meetings is a bit of extra stress, CatchApp is here to facilitate this process.

With clever integrations and booking pages, CatchApp enables you to manage appointments while saving you a ton of time. This tool has several exclusive features that will help you to save valuable time by keeping track of the calendar. You can arrange watching times into your calendar instead of thinking about it actively.

Here in this article, I’m set to go through all the details about this tool. So, continue reading this article and get the best appointment scheduling solution to manage all your important meetings.

What are CatchApp Bookings?

CatchApp Bookings is intelligent software made for professionals and also businesses. This software is developed to aid people in managing their appointments online. You can save loads of time with intelligent integrations as well as booking pages. It is a kind of software that ensures the most straightforward time management way.

You can design an infinite number of one-of-a-kind booking pages for any service with CatchApp Bookings. It also offers choices for remote or even in-person meetings and availability. CatchApp Bookings will provide you additional time to live a balanced life and, least importantly, ensure that your clients like scheduling appointments with you.

With the help you CatchApp Meeting Scheduler, you can also let your client in booking an appointment with you on your personal booking pages. It will really assist you in using your time properly and reduce time wastage. Let’s take a look at the different exclusive features of this fantastic time management software.

Features of CatchApp Bookings

CatchApp Bookings has several exclusive and advanced features that will help you manage your appointment with your clients. It is compatible with several meeting applications and lets you generate and share bookable links. Let’s take a look at the features of this versatile tool in detail.

Online Appointment bookings

CatchApp Bookings

You must look at CatchApp Bookings if you’re seeking to simplify and professionalize your business. This intelligent tool allows you to make reservations anytime via the website, social networks, or even your personal bookings page. This will assist in maintaining the professionalism and organization of your company.

Compatible with different Appointments System

CatchApp Bookings

No matter what type of appointment you prefer, CatchApp booking is compatible with different Appointments System. This software covers face-to-face meetings, Video conversations, or even audio/voice calls. This tool supports several popular software like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft team, and Google meet.

Stay updated with the Calendar.

CatchApp Bookings

CatchApp Bookings will help you to stay up to date with the Calendar. Yes! It works with Google, Apple, and Microsoft calendars to keep track of different appointments. Your booked meeting will pop up in the Calendar with all notes and also reminders. So, you will get in-sync appointments and also will never ever miss your meeting.

Accept Online payment

CatchApp Bookings

This fantastic tool lets you accept online payments from your client. So, you can accept payment from your client’s debit and also credit card. However, you have to set up a payment gateway before the client makes the booking. And the great news is that you will get all funds directly since there is no commission.

Accept booking through Social Networks.

CatchApp Meeting Scheduler lets the user add bookable links to different social media. That’s really nice! Your clients will be able to book an appointment with you easily and quickly from this link. It will help you to save valuable time and provide a hassle-free booking system for your clients.

Excellent Time Management

You can effortlessly tailor your accessibility with this software for various kinds of meetings as well as appointments. Additional accessibility for other dates of the week can also be specified. You always have complete control over the schedule and can quickly put a change together if needed.

Pre-qualify Appointments

Let’s say that prior to each meeting, you require accurate information from your clients. In such a situation, you may utilize it to make the necessary inquiries before each reservation. You will get all the materials required for each meeting since all the comments will be kept in your Calendar.

Generate Bookable Link

CatchApp Bookings

You can also generate bookable links from CatchApp Meeting Scheduler Software. You may let your clients inform your availability to schedule appointments by providing them with this link. You may send it by SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, or your signature, among other methods. Your clients will constantly be aware of your availability if you do this!

CatchApp Bookings Pros and Cons


  • This tool is ideal for individuals as well as a small business
  • You can easily make an appointment with this software
  • Satisfactory software integrations as well as support
  • This tool lets you simply generate and share bookable link


  • It is relatively more expensive than its competitors.
  • It’s a little confusing to have so many calendars.

CatchApp Pricing

CatchApp Bookings is available at very straightforward pricing. You can purchase this tool from the CatchApp Official Website. It is available in two billing options; annual and monthly billing. Both these two options are simple to purchase.

CatchApp Booking Pricing

If you are willing to purchase CatchApp Bookings monthly plan, it will cost you $20 per month. However, if you are interested in purchasing an annual plan, it will cost you $10 per month. That means you have to pay $120 for a whole year. So, the yearly plan is more reasonable than the monthly plan.

CatchAppMonthly Billed$20 per month
Annual Billed$10 per month

CatchApp Booking Lifetime Deal at AppSumo

CatchApp Bookings is available at AppSumo to purchase. If you want to use this flexible meeting scheduling tool for several years, it will cost you a lot to purchase from the Official Website. However, AppSumo offers a lifetime deal for this versatile appointment scheduling tool.

CatchApp Booking Lifetime Deal

Fortunately, the Lifetime deal of CatchApp at AppSumo to too affordable. AppSumo lifetime for this software deal is available at different pricing. CatchApp AppSumo lifetime deal is available at $59 to $399 for lifetime use. License Tier 1 is the best option for individuals, and License Tier 5 is best for Business use.

CatchApp Bookings Alternatives

1.     Acuity scheduling

The adaptable and multipurpose Acuity Scheduling software may satisfy an array of appointment scheduling needs. The health and also wellness sector is their target market. 7 days of free trial is available. They provide decent customer assistance via email and chat, and the help material is excellent. There isn’t a free plan available.


By eliminating the trouble of scheduling meetings, will increase productivity and saves time. Connect your Google or Apple calendar to configure your accessibility so that you may start scheduling meetings as well as a booking grid. Share your booking grid through email, Facebook, or website. Utilize endless fields, add custom style, and manage your reservations using sophisticated features.

The FAQs

What is CatchApp Bookings Best for?

CatchApp Bookings is one of the appointments or meeting scheduling solutions that anyone can use. It comes with a lot of advantages. It will benefit individuals, Small businesses, teachers, and students to manage their valuable time.

Is CatchApp Worth it?

CatchApp booking is an excellent appointment scheduling and management software. With the help of this tool. You can reduce time wastage by appropriately managing your time. This tool comes with several advanced features to manage your meeting and appointment scheduling. So, it can be said without any doubt that this tool is really worth it.

Does CatchApp Booking free to use?

CatchApp Booking offers 15 days free trial. After the free trial period, you have to pay to continue this software. Purchasing this software from the official website will cost you $20 for a month and $120 for a year. However, you can purchase its lifetime deal from AppSumo for only $59.

Wrap Up

CatchApp Booking is a great solution for scheduling appointments or meetings and time-saving administrative duties. You may schedule more customer meetings with this tool without bothering about the specifics. It will help you to manage your valuable time. Purchasing a CatchApp Bookings Lifetime deal will really benefit you.

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