Top 5 Best WordPress coupon plugin in 2023

Best WordPress coupon plugin

Are you seeking the best WordPress coupon plugin, especially the WooCommerce Website? A Coupon plugin allows the website owner to create a coupon and display it on its front end. This kind of coupon will enhance your marketing as well as sale than before.

There are a lot of free as well as premium coupon plugins for WordPress available. This Best Coupon Plugin for WordPress Review will discuss the top 5 most popular WordPress Coupon Plugin. So, Let’s explore this article and get the best WordPress Coupon Plugin for your WooCommerce Website.

5 best WordPress coupon plugin

Coupons are a vital part of every online company. Consumers expect coupons to be applied to their purchases, whether for free shipping, a particular price reduction, or even a percentage of their total. Learn about the 5 best plugins by continuing to read this Best WordPress Coupon Plugin Review.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Best WordPress coupon plugin
Smart Coupons For WooCommerce Coupons

This is one of the most powerful as well as flexible WordPress Coupon Plugins for WooCommerce Websites. This Coupon Plugin for WordPress lets the user add advanced features with the coupons. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce has a lot of advanced features and functionality that make it the best WooCommerce coupon plugin. This Coupon plugin allows users to create amazing coupons for their WooCommerce store easily.

The coupon restriction’s function lets you set several restrictions for your coupons. Its auto-apply of coupons will automatically add the coupon to the checkout page if the customer fulfills all the requirements. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce also allow you to manage all your coupons under different categories.

This plugin also makes it easy to create new coupons with the duplicate coupons function. It also can generate coupon URLs, which makes advertising coupons a breeze. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce has both free and premium versions. The premium version of this plugin offers several exclusive and advanced features. Overall, it is one of the best Coupon Plugins for WordPress WooCommerce Websites.


  • Easy to use plugin with a simple user interface
  • This plugin makes it easy to create new coupons
  • The tool lets you manage all your coupons easily


  • This plugin needs some updates to fix minor bugs

Advanced Coupons by Rymera Web Co

Best WordPress coupon plugin
Advanced Coupons – Better WooCommerce Coupons

Advanced Coupons by Rymera Web Co is a free yet versatile Coupon Plugin for WordPress. This tool lets the user add an excellent featured WooCommerce coupon to the WordPress website. This prominent plugin will make the WooCommerce website more advanced. This fantastic coupon plugin is one of the most effective plugins available for promoting your items on the internet.

Advanced Coupons by Rymera Web Co includes a lot of exclusive powerful features and functionalities. With this WooCommerce Coupon plugin, you can make your WooCommerce marketplace website amazing. URL coupons, role restrictions for coupons, cart conditions are some of the advanced features of this tool.

The URL will directly add the coupons to the user’s purchase when the user clicks on it. This feature will save them the trouble of having to enter it manually. The sophisticated administration function of this program will assist you in categorizing the coupons into a number of different groups. This plugin has no known issues when used with popular WordPress themes or plugins.


  • This plugin offers several advanced features and functions
  • Highly compatible with popular themes and plugins
  • The premium version is relatively affordable to others.


  • The customer support of this plugin is not satisfying.

WooCommerce Extended Coupon

Best WordPress coupon plugin
WooCommerce Extended Coupon

WooCommerce Extended Coupon is another best as well as most popular Coupon Plugin for WordPress. This plugin is available in both free and also premium versions. It is a prominent coupon plugin that has an automatic discount rules feature. The plugin comes with a customizable and straightforward Coupon panel that makes it easy to use.

Although the free version is good for any WooCommerce website, the pro version is more advanced since it has a lot of exclusive features. This fantastic plugin will automatically add coupons to the user’s checkout if the requirements are satisfied. With this best WooCommerce coupon plugin, you can create coupons easily. You can easily set a discount amount, minimum spend, and a short description.

The voucher will be applied whenever the customer has completed all of the requirements. If the condition is no longer fulfilled, the item will be quietly removed from the shopping cart and no longer appears. To use this plugin on your website, you should have WooCommerce version 3.0 or newer and WordPress version 4.9 or newer. Overall, it is an amazing plugin for coupons.


  • This plugin has an automatic discount rules feature.
  • This plugin allows the user to create coupons easily.
  • Automatically add coupons to the user’s checkout.


  • It has some restrictions on several software version.

Coupon Creator

Best WordPress coupon plugin
Coupon Creator By Brian Jessee

Coupon Creator is another best and most powerful Coupon Plugin for WordPress. It is a flexible Coupon plugin that has a lot of exclusive features. This plugin lets you create an excellent coupon and place it in the WooCommerce Store. Although it is a free plugin, it is prominent to use for your WooCommerce marketplace website.

Coupon Creator allows the users to make several coupon layouts, rows, and columns. This coupon plugin will display your coupons professionally. This tool’s recurring expiration feature will help expire the vouchers after the expiration date. It allows you to select from four repeating patterns: monthly, daily, and annual recursion patterns for coupons.

The coupon Creator plugin comes with infinite style to allow you to modify the coupon front-end entirely. Users only have to do is create a short code and then insert it into any page or post. You can use this coupon plugin with any WordPress theme and plugin since it is highly compatible and responsive.


  • This plugin is easy to use and also integrate.
  • Recurring expiration feature to expire the coupons
  • It allows modifying the coupon front-end entirely


  • It has some minor bugs but has not affected the performance.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

Best WordPress coupon plugin
YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

Are you seeking a Coupon Plugin that works like a Gift Card for your WooCommerce website? WooCommerce Gift Cards by YITH is one of the most feature-rich gift card plugins available for use on any website. With this extension, you can allow your buyers to shop for a gift card, which they may use to purchase various things in the future.

Depending on how much the customer desires to send as a coupon, the value of the voucher on the discount card may be customized. Thus, the individual who receives the gift card will be able to purchase at the website and take advantage of the buying discounts provided by the gift card. It is possible to create a customized coupon strategy for your website with the assistance of this plugin.

It enables you to create and distribute coupons to your clients following various occasions or distinct consumer behavior. With YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards, users can easily build a beautifully designed gift card page for any online store. You may even add your own photographs to the card to make it more personal. Additionally, you may organize all of your gift cards into different categories.


  • Easy to use as well as versatile gift card plugin
  • It lets you customize the gift strategy for the site
  • It allows for designing excellent pages for gift card


  • The free version has not had enough features.

The FAQs

What is a coupon plugin?

Coupon plugins are one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. This kind of plugin allows you to generate coupons and place them on your website quickly. To add coupons to your articles and pages, utilize the short code. Some plugin contains an expiry date feature that enables you to select a date for the coupons to expire.

Why should you use Coupon Code Plugins?

A coupon plugin may help you turn ignored website visitors into buyers and enhance revenue. You may provide discounts and promotions to entice people to buy. If you feature a coupon area on your payment page, visitors will typically leave your basket to look for a discount code before purchasing.

How do I add a coupon banner in WordPress?

You may either use the search function or scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the Coupon design. Then, right-click the template and choose Use Template. When you begin creating your discount popup, the last step is to make something up and choose the website where you want to utilize it.

Final Thoughts

With the best coupon plugin for WordPress, you can add coupon codes for your WooCommerce marketplace website. With a Coupon plugin, you can create a coupon card and then place it on your website. Some coupon plugin automatically adds the coupon to the payment page. If you are seeking the best coupon plugin for your website, one of these five plugins is the way to go.

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